1.  The member notifies the business office of request to cancel.  The 30-day notice starts at notification.
2.  The member will be asked to submit a written cancellation letter.  The cancellation letter be received prior to billing cycle.
3.  The Business office processes the cancellation letter and the membership is officially closed on the first of the month.


Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Each member may bring a maximum of three guests per swimming season.  A charge of $10.00 per guest must be paid at the time of visit.

There are NO LIFEGUARDS.  Parents’ will be responsible for supervising their children. 

When member leaves the pool, guest must leave also.

Cornerstone members are responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guest.

Water bottles with spill proof lids are allowed in all areas of the club

Please consume all food items, shakes, and supplement drinks outside of the club.

Please be courteous at all times.  Allow others to ‘work-in’ during your resting periods.

Rack all weights after use.

If dumbbells appear to be loose or cracked, report the item to the staff immediately.

Always use a spotter when attempting maximum weight.

Collars and clips are to be used for ‘free bar’ lifting.

Appropriate athletic shoes.  No street shoes, boots, or sandals are allowed in workout areas.

Shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops and spandex accessories deemed appropriate by management.

Clean workout clothing is required.  Management will address any unsatisfactory hygiene condition and corrective action may be required.

All other clothing and shoes must be kept in lockers.  

Please keep all valuables at home.  Again, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Please avoid the use of any heavy perfume or cologne.

No belt buckles, blue jeans or loose jewelry items should be worn in workout areas.

MEMBERS & GUESTS acknowledge that you are physically able to engage in any activity, program, or training provided and agree that all exercises and use of this facility are undertaken at your sole risk.  You also agree to accept full responsibility for all personal belongings.  Derogatory remarks involving other club members or club personnel will not be permitted.

All members and guests are required to have fun.  We are here to help you reach your fitness goals and provide you with a safe workout environment.  Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations on how we can best serve your needs.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS: A Family Membership shall include immediate family members (i.e. spouses, children, stepchildren and adopted children) up to five members living in the same household. When an individual reaches the age of 23 that individual must establish his/her own membership. If the a fore mentioned individual has been an existing member on his/her parents current membership then he/she will NOT be required to pay an initiation fee but will be responsible for establishing his/her membership and payment of monthly dues. A Family Membership does not include children, stepchildren or adopted children who are married or over the age of 22, not living at home. Additionally, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc., are not included in a Family Membership, whether they live in the household or not.

A Family is defined as; father, mother and three (3) children. Children are defined as dependents, still living at home,not married, under the age of 23. Should a family with more than (3) three dependents wish to join the Cornerstone, that family will be charged an additional $10.00 per dependent, per month.


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: An individual Membership shall only entitle the named individual, whether married or not, to use the facilities. The spouse, child, stepchild or adopted child of any person holding an Individual Membership shall not be entitled to the rights and privileges of this membership, except as guests and subject to the guest policies established by the club.

QUARTERLY PAYMENTS: Quarterly payments are no longer an option. Effective January 2005. With the exception of existing quarterly members prior to these policy changes.

ANNUAL PAYMENTS: Annual payments are accepted and will be due one full calendar year from the initial registration.

NOTE: All new members must be put on an Automatic Bank Drafting System. Monthly Membership payments will be automatically deducted from member’s checking account no later the 7th of each month. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

There is a one time non transferable, non-refundable, initiation fee (family or single) of $100.00.  You never have to pay this initiation fee again( as long as you remain a member.)  Monthly dues are $55.00 for a family of up to five members and $45.00 for a single membership.  Monthly dues MUST be placed on bank drafts (EFT).  Those who desire to pay for a full year membership in advance may do so and receive one-month membership free of charge.

*Special Notice*  The Cornerstone offers an annual special every January.  During the month of January you may join the Cornerstone for a special discount rate of $50.00 initiation in addition to your first month's dues.

The Cornerstone reserves the right to revoke a membership fee special to the delinquency of any club fees or charges.

Cornerstone members may bring the same guest a maximum of three times per year.

A member may NOT bring more than two guests per visit.

A fee of $10.00 per guest is due at the time of visit.

Charges also apply to guest a swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness classes, racquetball, etc.

All guests MUST be accompanied by Cornerstone member at the time of visit.

When a member leaves the facility, the guest must leave also.

The member is responsible for the actions and behavior of guest.